home training!

Easy, fun, anytime, anywhere,
VR fitness programs with various concepts

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Based on your fitness goals and inclinations,
A variety of workout programs to choose from and enjoy

  • Based on body data collected through PFT and ROM measurements, Adventures with main scenarios and missions
  • Body-specific, targeted strength training fitness with an AI coach
  • Mind-enhancing workout meditation with meditation and cooldowns
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Each program is delivered as a single piece of content

Continued growth confirmed
by workout data

  • Based on your workout data 6 Types of My Athletic Data
  • Comprehensive workout score and visualization data
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Linking Home Training
and Fitness Centers!
The real battle is in the metaverse!

  • VR Home Service User and XR Studio Fitness Center A real-time metaverse where users compete simultaneously!
  • New fun through online and offline competition!
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