Thank you for expressing interest in our T-ON products!
We're excited to announce that our team will be participating digitally at CES 2024,
showcasing innovative healthcare solutions.

Allow me to introduce T-ON,
a comprehensive offering that includes both
hardware and software components.

Our approach emphasizes the simultaneous
provision of both elements to enhance the overall user experience.

T-ON is seamlessly integrated into exercise routines,
creating a dedicated space for physical activity.

Our unique proposition involves the creation of engaging content coupled with AI-driven feedback to optimize your workout sessions.
To delve deeper into our business model and explore our product content,
please feel free to reach out.
You can contact us via the email provided below.

We'll be delighted to share more details and provide you with a comprehensive product introduction.

Thank you once again for your interest,
and we look forward to connecting with you.

5 Major investment opportunities

  • HappySona : Collaboration on AI-related investment or AI-related technology strategic investment.
  • PNP : Investment from top Silicon Valley companies like Google, with a funding of 500 billion won in Jeollanam-do.
  • Kiwoom Securities : Request for Investor Relations (IR) materials and domestic meetings.
  • RENEVO CAPITAL LIMITED : Request for IR materials and meetings.
  • Daishin Securities : Request for IR materials and domestic meetings.

4 Business development opportunities

  • Samsung C&T : Discussion on the introduction of digital fitness centers in Samsung R&E branded apartments.
  • Seragem : Discussion on the introduction of Wellcafe medication and healthcare services in North America.
  • Remote Care For You : Discussion on the launch of home training services in the United States.
  • Tomato System : Collaboration support and digital yoga business development for remote care in the United States.

10 Product sales opportunities

  • Wonju City : Essential sales agreement for the smart village project in Wonju City.
  • Amway : Internal healthcare service introduction discussions.
  • Samsung Life Insurance : Discussions on introducing internal healthcare services.
  • Hanyang Digital Health Center : Discussions on introducing internal healthcare services.
  • Duckin : Collaboration request for overseas sales in the medical device manufacturing and export industry.
  • Gyeonggi Housing Corporation : Introduction of employee welfare services and apartment community services.
  • Mirae Asset Life Insurance : Discussions on introducing internal healthcare services and strategic discussions on insurance.
  • Genius Holdings : Discussions on introducing healthcare services in Taiwan.
  • OKIA-LA : Business discussions on healthcare services for the Korean community in Los Angeles.
  • RISE : Discussions on introducing senior care and TionCare from a medical company in Dubai.

8 Technology collaboration opportunities

  • AXEND : Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and technology discussions on heart rate measurement during exercise.
  • COHOTRDATA : Technology discussions on AI related to TionCare data.
  • Tourism Map AR : Technology discussions on augmented reality location app services.
  • Tourism Blockchain FinTech : Technology discussions on blockchain-based payment services in tourism.
  • Collaborative discussion on technology for Mind Care based on Depression Diagnosis in Healthcare.
  • Healthcare Sleep-type Treadmill : Technology discussions on a healthcare sleep-type treadmill.
  • Healthcare VR Equipment Company : Technology discussions on VR equipment for healthcare.
  • Edutech Metaverse Company : Technology discussions on an education technology metaverse company.
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