AI gives you feedback by providing measurements and solutions.

AI motivates based on data visualizations through measurements of the goal and provides XR content to help you stay on track.

Real-time motion data analysis based on AI

  • Process real-time motion data analytics using AI camera sensors and multi-dimensional projector mapping
  • Precise data-driven assessment of muscle function and athletic performance
  • Provide customized management services through standard deviation scoring

Patent application

Activity care zone system with multi-faceted image structure and motion sensing function
provision AI workout image

Provision AI workout programs based on measurement data

  • Collect user body shape data via ROM and process analytics
  • Precise assessment of user's athletic ability and standard deviation scoring through PFT
  • AI-powered personalized workout recommendations based on ROM and PFT measurement data

Patent application

Fitness program recommendation system through body shape and physical fitness evaluation using Kinect sensor and lidar sensor in extended reality space
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Provision personalized workout guidance based on joint range of motion

  • Provide clear movement analysis and guidance based on the user's exercise movements and range of motion recognition data for each joint
  • Provides personalized exercise guidance by comparing the perfect exercise movement with the current user's exercise posture

Patent application

Method for character Implementation and Exercise Content Delivery Based on Joint Range of Motion Recognition
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Motivation through gamified content delivery

  • Motivation through gamified content and persistence through AI-measured assessments set the stage for a successful exercise program.
  • Provides psychological support for beginners to exercise, stabilize muscle growth through repetition and feedback.
T-ON provides a new workout experience to users with 15 patented technologies in AI and XR.